The Tower of Babel - a science fiction novel by G. T. Anders

Free on Kindle, 12/26/12--12/29/12. 

The Tower of Babel is part political thriller, part apocrypha, and part Little Shop of Horrors—though it ain't funny at all. It took two and a half years to write and a year to edit and publish. It'll take you 6 hours to read, perhaps in one sitting. 

It all starts with a leaf—a simple, harmless leaf. 
That leaf will test Austin to his depths. If he survives, it may just show him who he really is.

Austin Feckidee has struggled for three years to make his way as a sculptor. Grant money is running out, and there's nothing to show for the long hours spent in the craft. A trip to stimulate his mind has the desired effect, but upon returning, he finds a letter begging him to return to an anarchist project abandoned at wits' end three years ago.
 His response sets off an unstoppable ascent towards what may be artistic genius, or apocalypse—or both. 

The letter is from Stella, the anarchist leader whose calculating heart he could never quite win. The letter says that something has changed; that there's hope again of destroying the Tower of Babel, the titanic skyscraper that the anarchists once sought to destroy; and that it's time to go back to L'Hermitage.  


"[Humans] wanted to be nouns, but they were, and eternally must be, mere adjectives."
                                     ---C. S. Lewis

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