UNHINGED IN CYBER: The Outrageous Escapades of a Shameless Avatar, by OK_Jung

The title says it all. This book is made up of a series of cyber escapades in a sexually-orientated 2nd life site. OK_Jung is an avatar in the site who knows no boundaries between his reality and his shared fantasies. Although he writes about both life in cyber and his own reality, neither displays any normal limits. OK_Jung is amoral, impulsive and lost in his own Post Traumatic Stress illusions. Yet his quirky ineptitude is funny in a shockingly absurd way. And by revisiting his trauma and knowing it for the first time, OK is able to resolve some issues.


I wrote this book in response to some perverse and perverted stories that I heard from participants on the site. Then I went into the site to see for myself and created a fictional profile. I discovered that the site did indeed break down boundaries between reality and illusion. Activities in the site can be bizarre and extreme: emotions are reduced to primordial moods and inhibitions are forgotten. People become addicted to their subconscious drives that express love or hate; revenge or recovery, but never normalcy.


Although I remain anonymous in the book, I am a professional writer with a criminal justice and playwriting background; so am able to bring the story to life. Several pre-publication readers asked, "Is it true?" What more could a fiction writer ask for?

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