Your Emotional Edge - a motivational book by Noelene Dawes

Despite the proliferation of self-help business books in the market, I believe an important demographic has not been effectively catered for. That demographic is women in leadership roles.

As an executive coach and speaker I have spent more than a decade working with people in leadership roles within corporate environments. My specialist subject is emotional resilience for leadership, with a particular focus on women, and it is this that informs this book.

There's a lot of hard-edged material available on leadership, and it doesn't always give you the how-to. Conversely, the way practical and busy women look at things, self-help is a little too out there. I'm not an out there person; I'm a practical person.

I've lived this busy and all-consuming life that women who aspire to success lead. I know what it is to push too far and go over the edge. This is why I've introduced a narrative running through the book to replace the case studies. The story incorporates situations experienced by my clients and myself. Busy women like to be entertained and engaged and not everyone will make the time to read a non-fiction book.

Your Emotional Edge is the Emotional Resilience guidebook for women who dare to fly high and achieve it all in leadership and life.

Have it all. Spread your wings and fly. Lighten up and laugh again, enjoy the life you live. Be the shining creature you know you were meant to be. Isn't that what we all want?

Your Emotional Edge shows you how to use your feminine energy to get to where you want to be. Common sense and solid advice prevail, mixed in with a glorious metaphorical fairy tale, with tutorials that can be used over and over, this is a book to treasure and use.

Your Emotional Edge will enable you to learn to navigate life and fly high.

Noelene Dawes