In every fat man a crime story written by Mitch Tempest.

A man who for most of his life has battled with weight problems, he finally had it under control whilst serving in the military, until he is shot and wounded in Iraq and discharged from the services.
 He becomes a loner suffering from low self esteem, screws up his marriage and distances himself from his children.
 He piles on the weight and ended up at over 400 pounds, he then suffers with the related conditions such as type 2 diabetes, blood pressure etc.
 He has a dream throughout all of this and it simply to win on the lottery or a scratch card, if he wins he would undertake to have a gastric bypass.
And when he does win on the scratch cards and his dream journey begins.
This lets him escape the prison his body had now become, and lets him live a normal life again.
Well as normal a life as you can as a Hired Assassin. He has an ironic sense of humour and is strongly protective of his family.
Mitch Tempest.