The Palmyra Effect: an action adventure fiction by Colin Perkins

The Palmyra Effect is more than a story about a WWII plane and a ruthless band of terrorist who are trying to unearth its secret cargo. It is also a story about passion, trust, betrayal and regrets. The story revolves around Brenda Madison, Steve Woodward, Craig Davis, and Vincent Foster; four strong personalities who join together in defiance of their superiors and head out across the Syrian desert to prevent the cargo from falling into the hands of the terrorists. While the team battles the harsh desert and races against time they must also face the shadows in their past and acknowledge how they will deal with the effects of the decisions they have made under the stress of the mission. Brenda realizes that every action involving the cargo, even those taken before it was buried in the desert seventy years earlier, have had a profound effect on the lives of many in the present, including the lives and loved ones of the team. She makes a startling decision to end the influence the cargo will have on future generations—a decision that shocks the other team members, sets lives spiraling out of control, and sends ripples around the globe. It is decision that is in itself the result of—The Palmyra Effect.

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