Rocking Your Role - A business and self-help book for women by Jenny Garrett

Written by a woman who is the main earner in her home for women just like her. Rocking Your Role" sets out to go beneath the surface of what it means to be a Female Breadwinner. This book doesn't only provide practical tips and case studies, but is a 'how to' in the form of tried and tested transformational activities and reflections to guide Female Breadwinners to success.
The author, Jenny says that being the main earner is still a taboo subject for women. This means that women face the challenges of being breadwinner in silence, such as: guilt, managing money, society's assumptions, family life, career and life balance.
As a female breadwinner, Jenny wanted to share her mistakes as well as the lessons from the women she met. She is passionate about helping women to live their best life and believes that women transform the world and have the power to change the way they are perceived as breadwinners and the role itself.

Jenny wants every female breadwinner to recognise they have support and not feel isolated. To stand tall and proud in their skin and celebrate their situation because:
1. They are leaving a legacy and they want it to be a good one
2. They need support and can't get it without sharing their situation
3. They have the power to change assumptions about gender roles in the future
4. When they have worked through these challenges they can excel in the workplace
This is her first book, it is full of practical transformational exercises that the reader can engage in to bring the tribe of female breadwinners together.

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