Thunderstorm an Urban Fantasy Novel by J.M. Schroder

What you thought you knew about the Bible is about to Change.
Dika is a Daughter of Eden, Granddaughter to the first woman Lilith, along with her much loved sisters. Each of the sisters has a magical power or powers that must be harness and control in order to fulfill their destiny.
Chrome is her Guardian created by the Gods at Dika's birth. He shifts into a Dragon, and into mist in order to protect Dika for her entire existence which is forever, she is an immortal.
Once the Gods finally allow Chrome to reveal himself to Dika the immediate attraction threaten to consumes them both and distracts them from what is most important they are fighting for the world.
All they hold dear is threatened when Eve the spiteful and selfish bride of Lucifer seeks unprovoked vengeance against Lilith and the Daughters of Eden with the single minded intent to eradicate their entire bloodline because of mere jealousy. 

Will the Daughters and their Guardian Dragons band together in time  and control the powers that they possess to bring on the Apocalypse and to eradicate Eve, Lucifer and their demons or will the secrets of the Gods be their downfall. 

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