44 Holistic Tips For Peaceful Sleep-a Self-Help book by Keri Nola


Are you craving more quality rest?

Did you know that most factors that impact sleep quality are within your control to change?

Do you feel like you've tried everything yet still find yourself tossing and turning?

44 Holistic Tips For Peaceful Sleep is a collection of diverse tips and techniques that teach you how to welcome quality sleep with ease. After years of struggling with unfulfilling sleep myself, I was on a mission to create a bedtime ritual that welcomed peaceful rest. As a holistic psychotherapist, I had gathered many tools over the years and was compelled to compile them in one place and practice using them with success! I am thrilled to report that 44 Holistic Tips For Peaceful Sleep is the compilation of the simplest, most effective strategies I discovered that have welcomed peaceful rest for me and my clients and I am confident can support YOU too. Try one, combine several--customize a lifestyle and bedtime routine that supports YOUR unique needs with the tips in this book.

Sleep is vital to our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual functioning and YOU deserve to experience refreshing sleep. 

Will you give yourself the gift of these empowering tips so you can finally have the peaceful, rejuvenating night's sleep you deserve and desire?

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