A Suite Deal - a sweet traditional romance by Sue Gibson


Real romance rises again!  A Suite Deal -Suite Love Series, Book One, is an emotional romantic story where the hero and heroine fall in love at an organic, natural pace.  Set in Ontario, Canada's gorgeous cottage-country, the rugged backdrop will evoke memories of summering at the lake- and maybe your first love!
Unlike, sweet romance heroine's of the past, Lily is no shrinking violet.  She is Marine Biologist passionately advocating for the protection of Loon Lake.  Ethan, hotel magnate, threatens to change her lake with the construction of his flagship hotel, The Nirvana.  But he isn't your standard Alpha Male, he's saddled with allergies, a nerdy devotion to crunching numbers and an admirable devotion to his sister who has Down Syndrome. What's not to love?

This unlikely love story takes place in small-town Canada.  The village of Buttermilk Falls is home to the gossip gals of the Bluebird Cafe, with streets named after flowers and not a traffic light in sight. A Suite Deal is the first book in my Suite Love Series

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