Black Book, Part 1: The Devil's Blood. A Sci-Fi Western by Dylan Jones

An Epic tale of good versus evil. Sheriff Jack is a stranded time traveller chasing the Devil himself across the Old West. We pick up the action just as Jack finally makes first contact with the Devil.

The 'Black Book' series spans several centuries; From the Old West to the Earth's fragile future. 'The Devil's Blood' introduces Sheriff Jack, the time-travelling loner on a life-long quest to find humanity's last hope; The Black Book.

Sheriff Jack's first encounter with his adversary brings nothing but bloodshed in its wake, and leaves the Sheriff fighting for his life. Not unexpected, when his enemy is the Devil himself.

What the critics say: "... has left me wanting for more and with high expectations on what is to come. I think Dylan Jones is definitely an author to follow and I am interested to read more of his books in the future."

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