Broken Angel – a thriller by S.W. Vaughn

Free for Kindle on March 5 through March 9.

"BENEATH THE glimmering surface of New York City, the night had teeth.
They'd bitten Gabriel Morgan more than once in the six months he'd
been here. Tonight, as he stood before yet another rundown bar in
Brooklyn and steeled himself to enter, he expected to bleed again."

In BROKEN ANGEL, a unique contemporary thriller set in the gritty
underground of New York, 20-year-old Gabriel Morgan is searching for a
secret society of fighters -- a group he believes has taken his
missing sister. He's heard only rumors about the organization. They
fight for blood, and for money. There are no rules in their rings. And
their leaders are cold, ruthless crime lords who deal in drugs and
flesh, when they're not engaged in the vicious blood sport that serves
as the main attraction.

But when Gabriel finally finds someone connected to the society, he
learns one of their leaders has put a bounty on his head -- just
before he's abducted and made a prisoner of the man who's holding his
sister. Marcus Slade makes him an offer he can't refuse: Fight for his
division, earn ten million dollars by spilling his blood in the ring .
. . or watch his sister die.

Gabriel is forced to undergo a brutal training program with Slade's
top fighters. While they break and rebuild his body, Slade's sadistic
lieutenant, Jenner, works to twist his mind through psychological
torment. Branded with ink and conditioned to become a brutal fighting
machine, Gabriel is reborn as Angel.

And Angel does not lose. Because the price for losing is his sister's life.

BROKEN ANGEL has been hailed as "truly magnificent", "a spellbinding
read", and "unexpectedly brilliant." Top 10 Amazon reviewer K. Harris
says: "'Broken Angel' is an unrelenting, and exciting, excursion into
the depths of criminal underworld darkness . . . a palpable sense of

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