The Ghost Man - A Supernatural Thriller by Michael J. McCann

Simon Guthrie is having a run of really bad luck . . . and it's about to get worse!

When a car accident leaves him with severe head injuries, former chef de cuisine and restaurant owner Simon Guthrie endures a near-death experience in which he is confronted by a malevolent force he cannot identify. After his release from hospital, he tries to rebuild his life but instead discovers he has become a beacon for ghosts trapped in this life who are trying to get to the other side. His new house is under nightly assault by the ghost of a young girl seeking to escape from a recurrent violent death at the hands of someone known as The Angry Man. His friends and neighbors also come under assault as murder and fire cause mayhem in the small Ontario community where he had hoped to rebuild his life. Throw in a demon who cannot be named, a séance, an exorcism rite, and thirteen ghostly white wolves, and you have a page-turner to the end!

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