French Illusions - a memoir by Linda Kovic-Skow

Most lies are told with the expectation that no one will uncover them. When I was twenty-one, I told a monumental lie, fully aware that mine would be discovered. 

Based on my diary from 1979, French Illusions, captures my fascinating real-life story as an American au pair inside and outside the Chateau de Montclar in the Loire Valley. My compelling story details my challenges and triumphs as I adjust to my new role with Madame and Monsieur Dubois and their children. When I encounter, Adam, a handsome young student, my life becomes more complicated, adding fuel to my internal struggle for independence. Join me on my unforgettable adventure of discovery and romance in an extraordinary part of the world.

"Linda Kovic-Skow's story, set in 1979, introduced me to country life in the beautiful Loire Valley, and reminded me what it was like to be young and adventurous."

"This is a wonderful debut memoir, made much more appealing because it is true. A well written, fast-paced book enhanced by sprinkles of French..."                 

"There are few books that can make one laugh, cry, and cheer for the main character but this is one of them."

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