Girl of My Dreams - a romantic comedy by Morgan Mandel

Girl of My Dreams by Morgan Mandel is Free 02/08/2013 through 02/10/2013
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What Girl of My Dreams is About:

Plain-Jane temp, Jillian, would rather stay behind the scenes, but how could she imagine food poisoning would strike the set of the new reality show, with the prize being a billionaire?

The show is one contestant short. The studio is counting on a hit to save it from disaster.

Armed with the best of intentions, Jillian steps in to fill the gap. The producer is livid when he finds out. He'd told her to find a contestant, not to enter herself. He'd thought better of her, but it looks like she's a gold digger, like his move-star mother.

Well, it's too late to stop her, but what does it matter? She'll only be in the first round and get eliminated, right?


For some odd reason, the billionaire likes her. Maybe it's the makeover, or because she plays hard to get.

What should have been a one-shot deal turns into a complicated venture. Yikes, Jillian who's only worn a one-piece suit in her life, must don a bikini for a volleyball contest on Waikiki Beach! Wouldn't you know it, with all that swatting of the ball, something totally embarrassing happens. Fortunately, an unexpected source comes to her aid in the nick of time.

With that, her adventures are far from over. Trouble awaits her on other contest stops in Las Vegas, Venice and Paris.

Come along with Jillian as she travels the globe with the reality show. Find out whether she wins the handsome billionaire, or if he's really the right guy for her. 

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