Heaven Made - a historical romance novel by SaraLynn Hoyt

Heaven Made is a cross between Downton Abbey and the classic movie Ghost. Madam Lou is the medium who is beleaguered by dead people to unite unlikely men and women in love. This story takes place in Edwardian London when things like automobiles, telephones are becoming a part of people's lives, and séances are all the rage. Ford, the reluctant hero, is a man of science and thinks ghosts are preposterous, but his friend convinces him that he must at least see what all the fuss is about. Sabrina, a widow and mother, is equally disbelieving, but when her daughter, Alice claims to be on speaking terms with her dead father, Sabrina must at least consider the possibility. How will Madame Lou convince these two that their happiness is destined and Heaven Made? With the help of some extremely stubborn spirits and a love that transcends all earthly things.  

Thanks...Sheryl Hoyt writing as SaraLynn Hoyt as featured in TIME Magazine. 

The Scoundrel and the Saint, Heaven Made & Dangerous Heart by SaraLynn Hoyt (aka Sheryl Hoyt)

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