Her Handyman - A romantic comedy by Morgan Mandel

HER HANDYMAN by Morgan Mandel  

This romantic comedy  featuring a hard-working guy, a far-out gal and a zany dog, is 99 cents most days, but from FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 2013 through SUNDAY, MARCH 3, 2013 it costs readers nothing to download on Amazon for your kindle or PC.

To take advantage of the freebie or pay full 99 cent price on other days, click here:  http://www.amazon.com/Her-Handyman-ebook/dp/B0097EVXBK

or the shortened version here: http://amzn.com/B0097EVXBK

What Her Handyman is About:

Through his handyman business, Jake is accustomed to dealing with all sorts of strange individuals. Still, when he answers  an urgent call to stop a toilet flood in the middle of the night at a penthouse, he can't help but gawk at the thin, waiflike  blonde holding a strange looking canine. Has he entered a time zone? How else to account for his client's bizarre outfit straight from the seventies?

The long, flyaway hair, with a purple orchid dangling to the side, the peace sign hanging from a neckband, the mood ring on the finger, along with the gauzy, billowy white blouse, gypsy multi-colored skirt and high, furry sandals had to belong to a Flower Child. Yes, this gal was strange all right. Nothing like his fiancé, Angelina, a curvy, dependable brunette.

Even stranger was the guilty party, a critter growling and shooting dagger looks at Jake from the gal's arms. Jake had never laid eyes on a Chinese Crested canine before, but had heard of the breed and how it usually won ugliest dog contests. Poor thing was so ugly it was kind of cute. Also, very guilty.

Yes, everything that happened was FuFu's fault, from the moment she threw her toy into the toilet to when she knocked Jake over trying to get at it.

Who could guess that tiny, scrawny critter could have such a huge effect on Jake's perfectly planned future?

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