Knowing His Secret/Erotic Romance/K.C. Falls

Part one of Year of the Billionaire, Knowing His Secret ( is a hot new trilogy available now! Tristan King is a talented, foxy billionaire with tragedy in his past that he'd prefer not to face. He's a man who lives in the moment with no holds barred. Raina Harding cherishes her traditional family and can't figure out how to deal with Tristan's 'no expectations' rule, fabulous wealth and compelling passion. When Tristan takes the stage of a Berkshire Hills Little Theater, Raina gets a first hand look at how easy it is for Tristan to pull a mask on and be somebody else. Somehow, that only makes him more intriguing. Tempted as she is to back away from this complicated man, Raina is thrown into his grip when her family is threatened and Tristan generously offers his help.

Part 2, Taking His Risk and Part 3, Keeping His Promise are also available on Kindle.

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