Redemption Song-a mystery/detective novel by Derick Parsons
Redemption Song is my second novel, published after the success of HIDDEN. It is NOT a sequel in any way but one or two characters from Hidden do make a cameo appearance. Redemption Song is a detective story but largely focusses on one man's journey back from the brink. It is also a story about an unlikely friendship and, possibly, an even more unlikely romance!
The blurb reads;
Who is murdering black men in Dublin, and why? Is it a racist, anti-immigrant group or are there other, hidden reasons for the killings? These are some of the questions that detective Jack O'Neill must answer in order to stop the carnage and save his career. But as the pressure -and the body count- mounts Jack finds that he must solve the case to save not just his job but his life as he becomes the killer's next target.
But Jack has personal demons of his own he must overcome, and a past that could yet destroy his last shot at redemption.
Early, independent customer reviews read;
'This author should be encouraged to continue to give life to these characters, so well crafted in his first two books. His Jack O'Neill/Frank Carr pairing could be the Irish version of Inspector Morse/Sgt Lewis. If we are lucky, perhaps he will develop O'Neill and his Dublin colleagues into as captivating a collection as Bartholomew Gill's McGarr collection. Let us see more ... of these well developed characters and well plotted stories.'
'Loved it everyone should read it. I usually don't try new authors but this one was very good.'
'I love Redemption Song!'
'Entertaining and compelling...I highly recommend this book.'
'A delightful Irish detective story. I really liked the two characters, Jack and Frank.'
'A thrilling, gritty story with convincing characters. Full of exciting twists and turns. I look forward to the next installment.'
'A very good it.'
'Edge of the seat reading. Brought back memories of my time on the force. Jack reminds me of my old chief who trained me in as a new rookie on the force.'
'enjoyed the moving...good plot...would read the author again...kept me interested and wanting to keep turning the pages...made sense in real life.'

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