Redemption - A Western Novel by Joe Prentis


Westerns will always be one of the most popular genres in American literature, and the reason is the depth and breadth each story can contain. Westerns can include romance, suspense, mystery, and frontier history in a way that is often captivating. The world of today is far too complex, and there is little place for the rugged individual who can grab life and not let go. Western novels can do this and much more.

When I wrote the Renegade series, consisting of three books about a gold mining town in Colorado in the 1870s, I referred to many events that happened and foreshadowed the story. As soon as I published it on Amazon, I started to receive emails from readers. One of them summed up most of the comments when he said: "I loved the story, but I wanted to know more about the fascinating characters and what happened before Wolf Spencer began. Why don't you write a book about . . ."

 I usually listen to my readers and a prequel was born in the form of Redemption where I go back to the ending of the Civil War, telling the story of General John Ward McClellan, and two of the men who served under him. I will probably write two other novels that will continue the story up until the beginning of Wolf Spencer. This will make at least six books in this series, and perhaps more as I write about the many characters that appear in each story. If you like stories that are rich in characters you can identify with, this may be the book for you. Thanks for listening, and happy reading.

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