Sacrifice Of Innocence (A Stan Brookshire Novel) - By Allison Cosgrove

A cult has been killing children for its rituals and only one cop knows who they are. Detective Stan Brookshire knows but his past keeps people from believing in him. Can he rise above the stigma that shrouds his past and stop a cult from taking yet another innocent child from her mother's arms before it's too late?

I wrote this book on a whim. It was a what if question posed by my best friend. In answering that what-if I stumbled into this world with Stan and his partner Jane and havent left 10 books later. This is the first with many more to follow! 

What readers are saying;

"This book will pull you in and keep you there. I had never heard of this author before but, after a suggestion from a friend, I picked this one up, and I'm so glad that I did...."

"I was initially drawn to this story by the premise. I love a good, solid thriller. Sacrifice of Innocence delivers on this front..."

"From the very first page this book hooks you. Fantastic dialogue, intrigue, action & the characters are brilliantly flawed. I personally can't wait for the next in the series."

"Ms. Cosgrove has created a character in Stan Brookshire that has the potential to rival that of Connelly's Harry Bosch."

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