The Answer to Your Question--a literary suspense novel by Paulette Alden

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How well can you really know the people you love, even your own son? Four young women are murdered, and he's the suspect . . . 

After raising her son, Ben, as a single parent, librarian Inga Daudelin is blindsided when he is accused of the murders of four young women.  At the same time, Jean, a young, pregnant waif who seems both simple and wise, "imprints" on Inga at work, drawing her into an unusual friendship. When Ben kidnaps Jean, Inga and lead detective Ron O'Loughlin, with whom she is falling in love, search for the two, who along with Jean's baby, have formed a strange but human family.

The Answer to Your Question explores how well we're able to know those we love, why our deepest attachments are not always the predictable ones, and the mystery of why we do the things we do.

"This wonderful novel is a success at every level—an engrossing thriller and a nuanced examination of love—written with artful directness.  I loved every word and could not put it down."
                      ---Scott Turow 

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