The Consummate Traitor -- a WWII spy thriller by Bonnie Toews
What if the Nazis built the A-bomb first?
That was Winston Churchill's greatest fear.
What triggers my story are Churchill's efforts to prevent Hitler from developing nuclear weapons that would enslave the world to his madness and terror.
At the heart of the story is a member of the British royal family who actually worked for Churchill's spymaster Intrepid in Denmark. No one knows what happened to her. Many have speculated who she was and what she did. This is just another possibility invented about a true event.
In my research, I read William Shirer's collection of World War II history books, Churchill's recollections, historians' perspectives of the "war to end all wars" and personal diaries of German pilots and survivors of Nazi "carpet bombing" strategies unleashed on Europe during this horrible war.
I also interviewed Holocaust survivors and a former Nazi aircraft designer/test pilot, who was a member of Hitler's inner circle in the mid-1930s. By the end of the war, this aeronautical engineer was designing jet and rocket engines in an underground aircraft factory in Berlin. Because of his knowledge, he was one of those the Allies protected after Germany's defeat, and Canada gave him and his family a new home, where he continued to design aircraft engines for the future jet age. His Nazi roots, however, imprisoned his mind. The aftershock of losing the war left him psychologically displaced. In our interview, I triggered and observed his split personality (disassociated personality disorder). If we wonder what happened to Hitler's fanatic followers, this former Nazi demonstrated to me that, when Hitler committed suicide at the end, he shattered their faith and obsessive belief in him, and that disillusionment plunged them into a hell of their own making. 
The results of this research produced a plot that kept evolving and characters that demanded recognition for their part in the defeat of Hitler and his insane dream to unite the world under his Swastika. What no one realized – In the midst of Churchill's race with Hitler to build the first atomic bomb lurked another enemy: THE CONSUMMATE TRAITOR.
Bonnie Toews

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