The Stone Theory: Tales of an Accidental Demon Hunter - a YA paranormal adventure by E.M. Marz

Just when you thought you were having a bad day, here's a look at Lucy Stone's in the following excerpt:

"I have to get to the surface.  I need to breathe.  The eels now reach my neck and start to wind up to my face.  Taking my last chance to do so, I scream under water and swallow at least a glass or two of fluid.  My chest feels like it is tearing apart, burning at the seams.  Luke kicks off the wall torpedoing through the water towards me. My last vision before a slippery, slimy eel binds itself over my face is its red glowing demon eyes inches from mine. Then nothing but darkness and silence.

My entire body tightens simultaneously one last time as though each eel is syncing itself with the others to squeeze me to death. Their slimy texture changes as the eels' skin hardens mummifying me inside. I know I should be dead.  If I wasn't wearing the bloodstone, I would have been already.  Having taken life-guarding courses, I know what should come next but it never does.  Instead, it's just the way Christian described it.  The panicked, terrifying sensation of the complete absence of air in my lungs goes on and on. The lack of oxygen should bring a false sense of calmness as I begin to lose consciousness due to the lack of oxygen while my body shuts down.  The calmness never comes.  Please God. Make it stop."

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