A Fashion To Kill - A Mystery Novel by Mickey Wyte


Imagine an ex-combat soldier; Medal of Honor winner. A self-made millionaire up from the streets of Brooklyn. Never married and the only two women he loves are his widowed sister and the niece he raised as his own child. But tonight, Jack Centaur stands over his beloved niece's corpse--the victim of a serial killer. A camera flashes and he knows his niece's body is destined to sprawl across the front page of the New York Journal. The same as the three previous victims. All aspiring fashion models. All murdered and posed for a cover shoot. Jack Centaur's instincts he thought long buried surface with only one craving: someone will pay!

In Mickey Wyte's hard-boiled mystery novel, A FASHION TO KILL, Jack Centaur uses his combat skills and plenty of money to rattle the platinum cribs of Manhattan's trust-fund brats, determined to find the serial killer eluding police. 
"This is excellent hard boiled fiction. It doesn't read like a first novel, it reads like someone well into their craft ! Granted Jack Centaur doesn't live in a mouse auditorium nor off the rack. Sure it just a little different then the other Hard boiled P.I. stories but it's every bit as good if not better. No matter how much you read of your usual authors you're sure to enjoy this one!"  an Amazon Reviewer
"The author skillfully presents suspects and snatches them away, leaving readers, and Centaur, constantly casting about for the next lead. .....relentless storytelling."  Kirkus Reviews
A gripping, satisfying whodunit."   Kirkus Reviews