Farty Princess - kindle ebook by A.P. Gai


Farty Princess: A Funny Fart Book For Kids

Farting is a part of everyone's lives, an embarrassing call of nature. People often hide a smile, giggle or even laugh out loud when it happens. And for the one who let it out, chuckling along may be the best way to conceal embarrassment.

Beautiful Princess Priscilla should maintain her royal grace. Yet she can't control her rebellious butt and occasionally puts on airs—her famous public farts. Everyone has been an eye-witness, or should it be nose-witness? Priscilla may even lose her beloved prince to a silent but deadly attack. Now the sweet princess must go on an exciting adventure to seek a cure, finding friendship in a troubled time. Most of all, she learns that true love is not about beauty, but accepting each other's imperfect nature.

This beautiful illustrated children's book encourages young girls to be strong and confident in handling adverse situations. In a fairy tale setting with new twists and turns, the story is suitable for readers of ages 3-9. But laughing together is much more fun, so do not reluctant to read it with your friends and family at any age.