Betrayal by Serpent, mystery by Judith M Kerrigan

Secrets, Lies and Betrayal
     What was it in your family that was never talked about? Or was whispered about, spoken of in hushed tones and certainly not in front of the children? If you lived in a small to middling-sized town, what secrets existed right along with everyday events? Did you know about them back in the day or did you find out years later that someone was involved in nefarious dealings, lied to or lied about, had a dirty secret? How many secrets lie behind the facades of the ordinary citizens of any town? How many secrets do the characters in Betrayal by Serpent cover up? If Anna Kinnealy has any task at all, it will be to discover what's behind the masks of the people she's trusted, and when she does, it breaks her heart.
     Even the huge old Victorian house where Anna and her children have lived for years has its own untold story. Four floors and a basement have revealed "hidey holes" when explored by Anna's children. Can there be a secret past? Who lived in "The House" before the Kinnealy family and what were they up to? Who watches them now? Why?
     I lived for a long time in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the huge old Victorian and Queen Anne homes on and around Monroe Street murmur their own tales from behind the fancy facades and manicured lawns. Don't believe that? Just walk down the streets late at night and listen to the shadows.
     Isn't it amazing how evil co-exists so easily right here next to the ordinary and even right over there next to the good? Right there! Right in plain sight! Don't see it? Read this book and wonder what's going on where you live, right under your nose.
Judith M Kerrigan, author of Betrayal by Serpent