Don't Call Me Cougar -- a paranormal romance by Luci Cosway

The entire time Luci Cosway was writing this book, she had another title in mind, one focused on the lion part of mountain lions. But just as she was finishing up the submission letter to her publisher, the title DON'T CALL ME COUGAR leapt at her like a cat in the night and she just couldn't let it go.

As a huge fan of all things paranormal, Luci loves werewolves. She just wasn't sure she had anything new to add to the hundreds of great wolf romances already out there. Plus she's a sucker for green-eyed cats!  

Ask her and she'll tell you she's never met a dog she didn't like, but that circumstances and an injured cat in the rain convinced her that maybe cats were great pets too. Her vicious killer, or purring pussycat, Rain provided a model for some of the cat behaviors because Luci does not regularly hang out with cougars.

On to the story:

Callie's the responsible one, trained in the ways of the pack and a stickler for the laws and tradition. Marcus seems like just the right kind of bad boy to help her momentarily forget her grief and stress when duty calls and she has her father's murder to solve. Of course, the problem with bad boys is that you never know if you can trust them to do the right thing.

Marcus recognizes Callie as his mate long before the independent were cougar accepts the possibility that he could stick around for more than a quick romp. Then it's just a matter of getting her to accept his reasoning.