Entwined Mystery – Narrative Poetry Collection by Louis Cecile


Entwined Mystery uses poetry as a vehicle to tell 4 distinct tales. Yet there lies a connection between all the tales.

The first tale deals with a character lost and angry with the world. He makes a decision that will change his world forever.

"Time to walk in my wake"

The adult industry world fascinates both characters in the next tale. Their separate journey collides together for a new discover.

"To fake devotion when I had no real emotion"

Love remains, though finding it in this age has links with technology. Follow two characters path to love in this new age.

"Anonymously, conveniently I escape"

Your environment effects your reality. How does the cycle of life impact your mind? The final tale explores this concept.

"My life is a pattern that I fail to witness"

This collection engages the reader to imagine and connect the tales.

A selection of poems in the book has been selected for publishing by Forward Poetry.

The poems can be read singularly, though together they form an Entwined Mystery.