Genesis (Prophecy Rock Series) - a fantasy novel by T. Sae-Low

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Raden Nite will never forget that day. As a seven-year-old child, his
peaceful life as a villager was suddenly shattered when fate
intervened and took everything away. Haunted by his unforgettable, and
seemingly unforgivable decision, Raden struggles to survive, caring
for his infant sister, while dealing with mysterious visions.

Years later, his duty as a soldier sends him and his closest friends
down a path fraught with danger. In the chaos of a local trade market,
they discover that mythological prophecies are anything but
make-believe, with Raden suddenly at the center of it all. Pushed by a
desperate desire for peace and redemption, Raden struggles to find the
moral line in a raging war where contemplating his next move could get
him killed.

Meanwhile, Prince Aric lives a life of abundance, where luxury is
plentiful, but still he broods. His father, the king, rejects him as a
worthy heir, harping on his flaws in comparison to his older brother.
Aric's desire for love, glory, and simple acknowledgement sends him on
a journey to the darkest corners of existence, where he discovers that
the harsh realities of war are nothing like the tales from his
childhood. Aric is transformed by what he sees, trying to justify and
make sense of it all.

Genesis is a timeless fantasy tale with a modern consciousness. Raden
and Aric endeavor to become what they believe they are destined to be,
with the repercussions of their decisions having unforeseen
consequences. Readers of all ages will find themselves breathing in
the spiritual world and mythology of Genesis, a seamless blend of epic
action, mysterious prophecies, and humor. Genesis paints a vivid tale
of love, loss, and discovering the ultimate meaning of true sacrifice.