Love in Reality - A Contemporary Romance by Magdalen Braden

When fictional websites get mentioned on a TV show, the production company has to make sure they're not already in use. And then register the domains so no one else can get them. The Chum Hum search engine featured in several episodes of TV's "The Good Wife" isn't real, but CBS made sure they owned before airing the shows.
I'm writing a series of contemporary romance novels based in and around Philadelphia's legal community. I think of my stories as like "The Good Wife", but with happy endings. My books also feature a fictional website, a gossip blog called Philly Law Life. That's how the heroine of my debut novel "Love in Reality" first discovers she's losing her summer job ... resulting in her appearance on a TV reality show. Which is how she gets to fall in love with the hero, a producer on the show, so everything happens for a reason.

After my publisher registered, I wanted to do something a little different with it. So I'm adding blog posts about events from the books, as they get published. At a first glance, Philly Law Life seems like a real gossip blog. But look closely, and many of the stories are just a bit far-fetched. Philly Law Life is a little different from a novel, but in the end it's just another type of fiction. I hope you enjoy reading my made-up blog as much as my made-up stories.