Miscarriage Of Justice - Crime Fiction - by Bruce A. Borders

Murder, mayhem, and mystery. The road to revenge is paved with all three. Ethan Rafferty, after serving 15 years for a crime he did not commit, is ready to take the journey. And justifiably so, in his mind. But there is a certain District Attorney who has no desire to go along for the ride.

Marianna Clark, the one responsible for Ethan's loss of freedom, and who knew he was innocent, has a few devious plans of her own. As the two travel down the dark path of vengeance, toward an unknown destiny, the lines between right and wrong seem to become blurred.

While the characters move simultaneously in opposite directions, both discover personality traits they didn't know they had, good and bad. Both are obsessed with winning. And both come to the gloomy realization that winning is impossible in this theater of grand injustice, into which life has flung them. Yet, losing is not an option.

Miscarriage Of Justice is a classic tale of good versus evil  - but exactly who plays each role is open to question. Who is right? Who is wrong? Both? Neither? Is there a wrong and right side at all? Think you've got it figured out? Don't bet on it. This book will keep you guessing until the very end.