Mr. Mysterious in Black--A contemporary romance novel by S. Ann Cole

An impassioned romance novel about love lost, and found again...

The Mysterious Man in Black could always be seen sitting by himself in his rented booth of the club that Sadie Francé begrudgingly labored to make a living. The strange man wasn't someone Sadie wanted to become acquainted with. As hot and sexy as she suspected him to be, he was also eerie.
So when he continued requesting a dance with her, she continued to shoot him down. But on her last night, she caved.
That's when Sadie got sucked into the complexity of the irresistible man in black.
His personality wasn't like any she'd ever came across; the man was simply…odd. Sadie could never understand him, his parabolic statements, his weird and inconsistent behaviors, his weaving emotions… And as he barged into her life, so did the sudden and unusual migraines.
Still, Sadie wanted him with a burning need. That, also, was another thing she couldn't understand.  Why she was so attracted to him, why she couldn't resist him, why she couldn't stay away, why he seemed so familiar…
Until, one night, she did…
When Sadie's lost and forbidden memories began returning to her in the form of dreams, she realized that Mr. Mysterious in Black wasn't so mysterious after all.

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