When the Siren Calls - kindle ebook by Tom Barry

When the Siren Calls, the literary acclaimed romantic thriller by Tom Barry normally $6.39, is just 99c from July1-31.

Grab your copy now at  http://www.amazon.com/When-the-Siren-Calls-ebook/dp/B009CFWPUW

Can a woman with high ideals change a man with low morals?  Should a woman live a life true to herself,  follow her heart and  to hell with the consequences? Or should she live the life her workaholic husband and fickle friends expect? When faced with the ultimate dilemma, should she return to the woman she thought she was, or accept the person she has become? In the romantic thriller When the Siren Calls we follow the wealthy but neglected  Isobel as she abandons herself in a passionate affair in the hills of Tuscany. She gives her body and risks her soul;  but  can love conquer all, or will Isobel discover the unfaithful must pay for their sins? When the Siren Calls takes us into  a jet-set world of seduction, deception and betrayal, where infidelity is ubiquitous; a world populated by powerful alpha males who are mostly predatory adulterers, and by beautiful women who are expert at using their sexuality to manipulate the men. An intelligent read, When The Siren Calls is a delicious and satirical  expose of how the other half live: selfishly, sinfully and shamelessly.

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