Nuclear Surprise - An action thriller by Rob Carnell

An action thriller by Rob Carnell

Nuclear Surprise is an action thriller incorporating real life events
to produce an exciting, fast paced story based around a terrorist

The story is based on an actual event in the Arabian Gulf, and the
story quickly unravels into a race to disarm a nuclear device before
it vaporises a chuck of the United States.

The villain is Kamal Pashwari, a Pakastani billionaire who decides to
teach the US a lesson for the death of his eldest son in a military
encounter. He comes up with an ingenious method of smuggling an old
Russian suitcase sized nuclear weapon into the United States.

What makes this story a little different is that because Russia is
terrified that it will be blamed for supplying the weapon, they give
total co-operation and send an agent to assist in the investigation.

Natasha, the Russian agent is teamed up with Matt, a CIA analyst on
this mission of utmost importance.
There are some flashbacks which show some history for Pashwari, and
how he makes the transition to the world's most infamous terrorist.

There are a number of real life terrorist events which form part of
this book, and I have come up with my own reasons why these events may
have taken place.
I have a background in martial arts and firearms, so I have tried to
make the action as realistic as possible without super human feats!

So far sales have been recorded in 7 countries, and the ratings on
Amazon show that others seem to like my first book!

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