Open Channel - an action adventure novel by Daniel Betts

Warrior - a biomechanical creature built for war, protects her crew withing her bowels while following the orders of her skilled but tortured captain. She is the last of her kind, all her brave brothers and sisters having perished in a horrific act of genocide. For years she has been helping to hunt down and bring to justice those responsible, yet in the back of her mind is the ever present fear....a terrible enemy gathering on a distant horizon.

When her captain suddenly breaks from their mission to pursue a distress call from his estranged wife, a magically endowed woman who abandoned them years earlier, Warrior is skeptical, but like any good pilot, she obeys her captain and sets a course towards a mysterious but deadly encounter.
Join Warrior and her crew in an action packed adventure filled with mystery, intrigue, romance and colourful characters created by Canadian journalist and newspaper editor Daniel Betts.