Past Tense - a science fiction comedy by Nick Marsh

Past Tense - because sometimes, it really should happen to a vet

Past Tense is the continuing story of Alan Reece, a troubled veterinarian  from Devon, England, who last year was surprised to discover that he had become the 'Conduit', a link between reality and the strange world beyond. 

Not even beginning to understand this, Alan deals with this problem as he deals with most in his life - he ignores it. Unfortunately, ripples from his unwitting transformation have freed a dark and terrible creature from its improbable prison.

Burrowing into the past, it plots revenge from Ancient Britain, and only Earth's reluctant Conduit has any chance of stopping it.

Now Alan and his friends - a medium-turned-physicist, and a self-confessed 'bum' - are wishing that they paid a little more attention during Roman history lessons at school, and Alan is realizing that if he doesn't face up to his unwanted legacy soon, it could be the end for all of them.

Past Tense is the second in the Conduit Sequence series of science fiction novels. It can be read as a stand-alone novel, but if you want to discover how Alan found himself in this predicament, read Soul Purpose - also available from Amazon.