Poetic Like Me - A book of versatile poetry by Poetic Old Soul

"Poetic Like Me is a beautifully written collection of poems written straight from the heart." - P.A. Scott
When I wrote Poetic Like Me over the course of two years, I really wanted my poetry book to stand out from the rest, to really show people I'm a human being, a same gender loving versatile woman who has feelings, emotions, compassion & love, who has went through break-ups, finding closure, falling in love, visualizing giving a woman her first kiss (and craving for it to happen), mental illness & standing on my own two feet while trying not to break down...especially after losing my own Mother.  My Mother's passing was the HARDEST thing I've ever went through & I poured it all in my poems, it was my way of coping and healing. In fact, all that I've written in Poetic Like Me was a way to release what was in me, to be able to share it to the world blows my mind! However, I want others to feel my words and know that they are not alone in whatever situation they are going through and keep in mind, you don't have to be a Black Lesbian Poet to go through challenges, struggles, finding peace and happiness, for Poetic Like Me is for EVERYBODY! The beautiful quote said it best, my poetic words are written "straight from the heart", so please...let me share them with you.
Much Luv,
Author Poetic Old Soul

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