Rode' Parker A young adult drama by Michael Arnold

It would happen when the day was quickly turning into night, and Ellen Parker thought briefly about going back secretly to her prostitution lifestyle after she had no luck finding a job when she walked into her house and saw the man that she was madly in love with, holding their cerebral disorder son Rode' Parker by his leg upside down with one hand and a bottle of alcohol in the other.

"I'm teaching this boy a lesson woman!" Those words and a backhand later was enough to finally once and for all leave the abusive and alcoholic maniac Olsen Berkley. As if Ellen and Rode' stepped into another world, they found a new home, Ellen a job and Rode' a mysterious gift that was discovered by a homeless man Cecil McNeal.

So begins this new life of resentment, hope, maturity and love that will change the lives of every character in this book.