The Nestucca Retreat - a contemporary novel by M. Lee Locke
A story of baby-boomers wondering what they've done with their lives and how to build a future.
J. Cunningham Raleigh dies in an Oregon rain storm, struck by lightning while playing an electric guitar on a river dock.  A mediocre rock musician who never quite left the Sixties, Ham Raleigh was an intimate part of a long-standing triangle.  Millie and Jake Prince were Ham's best friends.  He was a part of Jake's life from childhood and Millie's since college. He was an intruder in their marriage and also the glue that kept them together. Millie and Jake drift apart after his death, though continue to struggle with staying together, still using Ham as a crutch.  Ham's death does not really cause this distancing but reveals the existing rift between them, one that has been widening for years.
At Ham's memorial Millie and Jake, along with Ham's ex-wives and other surprise guests, say goodbye to the now mythical Ham. How will they resolve all those nagging regrets?
Love comes in all shapes and sizes.  In mid-life, people still try to find the best fit.  And the aura of the Sixties commune, The Nestucca Retreat, inspires many permutations with varying consequences.