Song of the King - YA Adventure Fantasy by A. M. Tiffany

Dazed and confused, Daniel wakes up in Nous, a land torn apart by nearly a decade of war.  A war Daniel couldn't care less about.  All he wants is to find a way home.  The journey home, however, turns into the adventure of a lifetime as Daniel discovers he has a rare gift - a talent so prized in Nous that it's legendary.  It doesn't take long before word leaks about his ability and a bounty is placed on his head.  Daniel could turn the tide in the war; and no one knows that better than Nemon, the commander of the wolf army.

Fast friendships are formed on the run, eating around a campfire and giving dark wolf warriors the slip.  Tight bonds are truly cemented while hiding and escaping – laughing and blowing off steam.  Thrown into a world so very different from his own, Daniel must learn to fight with a sword, sleep under the stars, paddle a canoe and ride atop a deer.  But those skills are nothing compared to learning who to trust, when to act and most of all how to listen; because strangely enough, it's that last skill that will make all the difference.