Facial Secrets in the Office. Reading faces successfully - here's how by Joy Jackson


Free kindle book : 03/31/2013 – 04/02/2013

Crack the facial secrets!
Do you have trouble in the office – are things not really "working"
with colleagues or the boss?
Take a look behind the facade and reach your goals ever so eleganty!
Are you planning major projects and you do not know how to "crack"
your counterpart?
If you know, how your partner is ticking as you have an "unfair advantage".
Succinctly in a nutshell, Joy Jackson gives you the most important
facial features to be successful.

Find out more about the : Thinker , Emotional Type or the Doer. What
do the "frown lines" tell us? How does the Nose enter into the Game?
Are you a snail or a Sportscar – Analysis of the Position of the
Pupil. Do you tolerate Gods beside you? - The Claim for Dominance

Now the Mouth speaks – Cupid's Bow & Co...

Use your newly acquired skills successfully and always remember:
nothing is good - nothing is bad. It's just a value-free description.

About the Author
Joy Jackson is a tough business woman - that was not always the case.
Only when she had dealt more with people and their peculiarities, it
went uphill. It makes life easier and is a skill, which is easily