THE EDEN PROJECT: Humanity's Last Chance - a YA Science Fiction thriller by DP Fitzsimons

When the world's coming to an end, it's hard to be a teenager. There's human sexuality class to endure, there are a 117 hungry mouths to feed and there are cannibalistic hordes roaming the globe sniffing out your pure blood.

For 15-year-old Genevieve Fifthborn, her days were packed full of such duties and concerns, but her nights were full of thoughts of her first love, a
forbidden first love that just might bring about an end to the human species. As the days count down to their exodus from Earth, Gen and her friends must navigate through adolescense, a dangerous curiousity for the world outside the DOME and the threat of contracting a virus that would keep them from their seats on the ships scheduled to leave earth in search of new world.

Catch my dystopian, sci-fi horror tale, THE EDEN PROJECT: Humanity's Last Chance, now on KINDLE for just 99 cents. It's a Romeo and Juliet for the end of the world...