The Quest of the Dicepterons Volume 1 - The Blue People of Cloud Planet a science fiction novel by Brian Wolfenden

The most successful species on planet Earth from a longevity aspect is the dinosaurs. They first appeared 230 million years ago and ruled supreme for 135 million years from the start of the Jurassic period. They populated the whole land mass by shear numbers and size; the largest being 58 metres long by 9.25 metres tall. Despite this dominance, they did not know that something was on a collision course with Earth and 66 million years ago they became extinct.
But what if it was not an asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs?
Join our astronauts on a journey to the stars and discover a unique species with technology and culture very different to ours. But this race is dying and they are not aware of the dark menace that lurks in their seas.
Can our astronauts save The Blue People of Cloud Planet?
What are the consequences for planet Earth?
Who or what are the Dicepterons?