Altered - Revelations of the Evolved - a young adult science fiction/fantasy novel by Shawnda Currie

Being able to move things with your mind or to communicate with others without saying a word would be amazing. But would you really want these abilities if it meant you that you were the world's only hope of having a brighter future? That you had to end all ties with your family and friends? And you must be on the run for the rest of your life?

Lacey Bennett has made some bad choices in her life. Through a series of unfortunate events, she is sent away to a place known as Clear Waters, a rehabilitation center for troubled teens. It sounds like a therapeutic institution but things aren't always what they seem. While at the center, she is befriended by a gorgeous guy named Taylor who claims to have traveled from the future to enlist her help. Together they plan a daring escape and Lacey is forced to leave her old life behind. Taylor teaches her how to awaken her dormant psychic gifts that those in the future call being "evolved." Lacey only has to prevent three key events from happening or the world will be destroyed by nuclear devastation and the survivors forced to live in underground bunkers. No pressure!

But not everyone wants her to succeed. The dark spirits will try to stop her at all costs even if this means ending her life.

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