Backbeat - A fiction novel by Heather Curry Self

When Geoff reappears in Margot's life -- nine years after their break-up -- everything she thought she had come to understand about that time, her life with him, and her life since then unravels, forcing her to finally confront a devastating event that shattered everything eleven years earlier. But as she does, Margot is left not knowing if this is finally her chance for reconciliation with Geoff...or if it's what will only drive them further apart.

"I fell in love with your characters and the story of their lives, and your powerful writing--the psychological depth of your characters and your nuanced mood-setting ambiance descriptions--made reading Backbeat like a long awaited and tremendously enjoyable vacation for me. I will miss them tremendously.  I loved the suspense you kept your readers in right to the bitter end.  Thank you for sharing this very moving treasure with me. It has inspired and enriched me and no doubt imparted some relationship wisdom along the way." -- Kathleen D.

"I started reading last night at around eight thirty from where I had left off at chapter 16. My thought was to read for an hour. I became so engrossed I finished. I couldn't put the book down. I loved the characters and how they were woven into the story. So much like real life. A great read." -- Jim L.

"Well-written and the story sucked me in." -- Karen C.