Daughter of the King - historical/Biblical fiction by Carlene Havel and Sharon Faucheux

Imagine living in an age when there were no automobiles, no electricity, no factories.  Slavery was tolerated, and families arranged marriages.

High-born daughters were traded to strengthen military alliances, gain political power, or appease enemies.  "Daughter of the King" is the story of a woman who lived in those times. The book is available through Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Daughter-of-the-King-ebook/dp/B00AQHCRFS

Princess Michal was the youngest daughter of ancient Israel's first king. More than thirty centuries ago, she fell in love with and married a young hero named David.  When Michal helped her husband escape from her insane father, King Saul punished his daughter by forcing her into a bigamous marriage.  Years after being banished, the Princess became a pawn in negotiations between Judea and Israel.  She was shattered to learn her family had been wiped out and David had acquired six additional wives. Michal longed to bear the son who would inherit David's throne.  Yet her rivals were equally ambitious for their sons.  Michal drew on her inner strength to survive disappointment, infidelity, and betrayal.

Co-authors by Carlene Havel and Sharon Faucheux quoted briefly from the King James Bible at the beginning of each chapter of "Daughter of the King" to guide the story's progress.  If the events of Princess Michal's life were not taken directly from the Bible, readers would never believe one woman's life could include so much drama!

Despite differences between our environment and the customs of centuries past, ancients and moderns are the same inside. Emotions such as love, hate, faith, greed, pride, and joy remain humanity's constants.