Between Two Eternities - a mainstream romance novel by Barbara Brett

What would you do if you learned that the person you love more than life itself was destined to die soon—and he or she asked you to help ease the inevitable end? Would you do it? Could you do it?

Between Two Eternities is the unforgettable story of Robert and Marcie Silver. Married ten years, with two adorable children and successful careers, they are more in love than ever. They have everything to live for. But a terrible secret is breaking Robert's heart: he knows that Marcie is about to die of an inoperable brain tumor. The doctor tells Robert the heart-shattering news first so that he can be better prepared to help Marcie when she learns the devastating contents of his report. But Robert cannot bear to let Marcie know the truth. There was so much he had longed to give her, things that will now and forever be impossible. The least he can do is make her last days happy and free from the knowledge that death is hovering over her. Despite the doctor's strong objections, Robert insists that Marcie be given a false and hopeful diagnosis.

And so begins the spinning of the web of love lies. How long will Robert be able to keep Marcie entwined in it? She is a bright and curious woman. As her symptoms intensify, will she search for, and find, the truth on her own? And if she does, how will she react to the truth? And react to Robert, who has been hiding it from her? And how long will it be before Robert begins to feel strangled within his web of deception?

Between Two Eternities is the heartrending story of a young husband's struggle to protect his wife from a terrible truth, and then of their desperate search to find together the courage to live with it. It is the haunting account of their quest for answers to life's most painful questions. And it is the unforgettable chronicle of the breathless romance that comes to mean more than life itself—and that suddenly demands the ultimate sacrifice from both of them.

"The facts are cold; the story that unravels is warm and extremely moving... Brett handles it impeccably."—Publishers Weekly

"From decisions on how to spend last days and how to renew [a couple's] how to face a loved one's moving on, Between Two Eternities provides a gripping saga packed with discussions of life and death's meaning, how to face the inevitable with dignity and wisdom, and most of all—how to preserve lasting love in the face of end times.... Heartfelt, poignant, and—surprising—even uplifting at many unexpected points, Between Two Eternities will captivate any reader interested in life, death, and transition points in between."
—Diane Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, The Midwest Review of Books

"This is one book that everyone should read to understand that time is short and we need to live and love life to the fullest because you just never know. Author Barbara Brett presents many issues that so many will debate after reading this heartbreaking and enlightening novel. Some portraits will change and others we know will last for eternity if just in our hearts and minds."
--Fran Lewis, Just Reviews

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