Drawn - a supernatural thriller by James Hankins


Amazon Top 10 Best Selling Ghost novel

In Drawn...

A mysterious little boy begins to appear in the backgrounds of numerous paintings by an artist who can't remember ever actually seeing him...and the boy seems to be trying to tell her something... A partially blind, disfigured agoraphobe who suffers crippling panic attacks if he even tries to leave his apartment is forced out by an unseen, violent entity... A lonely widower starts to suffer terrifying nightmares that his long-missing, presumed-dead son is still alive…and in mortal danger... A young runaway realizes that the man he thought was his traveling companion is actually his captor. 

The lives of four very different people, driven by different but very powerful forces -- some supernatural, some all-too-human -- crash together as they fight to solve their individual mysteries, to defeat a brutal enemy, and to save the life of an innocent boy.

From the Author:
Drawn is creepy in places, and thrilling in places -- it's meant to keep people turning the pages. Reviewers have compared the book favorably to works of Stephen King and Dean Koontz, which I wasn't trying for but which I find flattering. Really, though, I just hoped to write a good thriller.

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