Easterchicks Gone Bad by Sheri Dixon


'Easterchicks Gone Bad' is a collection of articles originally written for and published on www.homestead.org.

Homesteaders, back-to-the-landers, small family farmers both urban and rural- the urge to have dirt under your fingernails and wisps of hay in your hair, the need to feed your loved ones good, fresh food with no sketchy additives, striving to live lightly on the earth and as sustainably as possible- everything that's sturdy and wholesome about living the Simple Life all rolled into one book.

While the author has been living this life for over a quarter of a century, her mode of teaching isn't so much of a, "Follow these steps and everything will be perfect" so much as a, "Look- I tried it this way first. Don't do that. It's hilarious NOW..."

Humor with a heart, smiling through tears, laughing at herself and loving every moment spent on her small speck of the planet- all this and more starts with "Easterchicks Gone Bad".