Fargoer - A fantasy novel set in Viking Age by Petteri Hannila

Fargoer is unique, fresh take on fantasy set in Viking Age Finland full of mystery, nature and folklore. The novel starts the journey of Vierra, a girl of a hunter-gatherer tribe called the Kainu. Her people follow the ancient paths of their foremothers, with women ruling over as they have done from their ancient past.

But things are changing rapidly. From the south come the ways of agriculture and with it the rule of men. Vikings come from across the sea to trade iron - and to raid when possible.

In a world, where every day life is a harsh struggle against the forces of nature, Vierra is set on an even darker path, a path she fights to break with all the fibers of her being. In the end, there can be only one conclusion; will she change the destiny set for her or will she become the Fargoer.

Fargoer is a novel consisting of eight independent stories, which progress chronologically. It has a strong historical background set around the early Viking Age. In addition, it delves deep into the mythology and the supernatural of the people inhabiting the lands.

The novel is originally written in Finnish, but translated to English as a year-spanning, demanding project. This novel is among the first ones to emerge internationally from Finnish independent publishing

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